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Welcome and Howdy to Niralee’s world that is full of cool, interesting, unique, classy, artsy & adventurous things!

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Other Cool Things!

I'm Niralee! Ever since I was a kid, I've been living and breathing art in all its wonderful forms. As I grew, I realized my heart beats faster when I'm dreaming up stunning visuals, crafting tales, spreading joy, and splashing a little positivity wherever I go. I've got a knack for Brand Development, Graphic Design, and Visual Content Creation that I just can't wait to share with you.


With a dozen fun-filled years under my belt as an Art Director and Brand Designer, I've been lucky enough to dip my paintbrush in a whole rainbow of different brands and businesses. I've discovered the secret recipe for telling a compelling brand story, and I'm so excited to use it to help you make your business dreams come true.


While I can chat in English, Hindi, and Gujarati, I truly believe the most powerful language is love. I want everyone to feel seen, accepted, and cherished. After all, we're all in this big, beautiful world together.


When I'm not busy dreaming up new client designs, I'm spending my time into some research on latest design trends, exploring the AI tools and working on custom made merchandise. Check out my design shop at


And when the creative juices need a little recharge, you can find me singing, dancing, doing yoga, having heart-to-hearts with some of the most interesting folks on the planet, or exploring new places.

Volunteer work with non-profits

For over ten years, I've been lending a hand to non-profits like the Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, BreastfeedLA, Piramal Sarvajal and Dada Bhagwan Foundation. Whether I'm captivating audiences as a public speaker or designing their print collateral, it's all about using my skills for a greater cause.


Volunteer work with kids and youth

Back in India, I spearheaded Summer Camps and the 'Spread Happiness Program,' designing workshops that mixed essential life skills with fun, activity-based learning.

As a Blogger

Did I mention I love to explore cool places? I share my love for Los Angeles in a YouTube series called 'My Beloved Los Angeles by Niralee Kamdar.'

As an empowered fellow woman  
I always thought home-makers are always so busy taking care of the family they never get time for their personal enjoyment so I hosted a group called 'fire-it-up' for house wives. We gathered for an hour every alternate day and practiced free movements in a friend's garage with a loudspeaker. It was not a typical dance class as I never insisted them in learning and perfecting all the steps but rather open up and let their bodies flow freely on the music. It worked like a meditation and gave them a break from a monotonous week and a chance to express and have fun.

As an podcast host
Currently, I'm hosting a podcast called 'Gold Talks' where we share the words of wisdom from the renowned American Artist and Spiritual Teacher E.J. Gold, which is available on Apple and Spotify.

I believe that kindness and positivity are the secret sauce to a happy life. So, we must find chances to connect and spread a little sunshine together!

About my work process

Once we confirm with the task list, timeline and budget,

all you need to do is make the advance payment and sign on the dotted line.

And then, my friend, we're ready for a branding adventure!

Here's how our exciting journey unfolds:



First things first, we need to unearth the essence of your brand. I'll be your guide, encouraging you to gather some visual inspiration and complete my super insightful brand questionnaire. This ensures we're creating from a place bursting with strategy, meaning, and alignment. Then, we'll have a fun kickoff meet-up where we'll chat about your dazzling dreams, your vision for your new visual brand, and our exciting direction ahead.



With a clear understanding of your brand's unique story and its spectacular future, I'll set to work, transforming all our brilliant ideas into eye-catching designs. This stage involves conceptualizing ideas, developing design directions, and preparing for the grand reveal of the first concept. Once you've fallen in love with a design direction, we'll refine it and continue to develop your visual styling with submark, design elements, and more.



After we've put the finishing touches on your visual brand, we're ready to bring it all to life. Depending on the package you've chosen, this could include designing beautiful collateral pieces and launching an amazing website. The goal is depth and consistency. Your brand deserves attention to detail to ensure it's represented beautifully andthoroughly, always.

Let's sprinkle some magic on your brand together!

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