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Client: BreastfeedLA
Media: Print and Digital   Industry: Health and Wellness   Year: 2021


This non-profit has been there since 1994 and in 2021 they came to me when the SM was sort
of all colorful and busy wherein every post looked different than others, and all different print collaterals looked like individual pieces of different brands and I was tasked to work on the rebranding and create templates for SM, deck, Flyers, Newsletter, reports, etc that were cohesive and visually appealing. They wanted me to create reusable templates so their team members
could easily edit and use them without having to further invest in a designer for every small task.



I used their existing color guide and typography and added some shapes, forms and structured layouts to design collaterals across mediums. I created re-usable templates for SM posts, flyers, pitch deck on Canva and then also designed print materials such as Reports/Toolkits for their initiatives over Indesign.

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