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Client: Divya Dhawan Functional Wellness
Media: Digital   Industry: Health & Wellness   Year: 2024


To create a unique brand identity refresh that reflects the health and wellness-centered business for a client who uses functional medicine health coaching to get a root cause resolution for autoimmune health problems. Luxurious, elegant, and feminine were the queue words for the brand image.



Soon after the first consult call, I knew that this client was open to exploring new possibilities. It was fun to come up with a few design directions for the logo based on the brief and the message that was to be sent across. The final logo is made of a leaf stem that symbolizes root cause healing popping out of the brand initials DD reflecting the idea that Divya Dhawan helps unleash your body’s innate healing abilities. To give a friendly vibe, the main wordmark is kept in scripted fonts, and the logo structure is a nice balance of sans serif and decorative lettering. The pictorial mark can be used individually and along with the wordmark depending on the media. The color palette was kept vibrant and balanced so it stands out in every layout and among its competitors. The Website design and reusable Social Media templates were developed based on the new identity design.

Social Media Templates

Glimpses of Website Design

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