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Client: Fancy Salt
Media: Print  Industry: Food & Beverages  Year: 2023


A passionate and entrepreneurial couple- husband who is a chef had derived a unique recipe

of salt that could be added to variety of dishes and his wife, who is a marketing expert wanted

to come up with a Salt brand with a modern approach. The queue words were 'elevated, simplistic, contemporary, beautiful but not intimidating- accessible with a touch of sophistication

in everyday use.



Based on their brief and inclinations, I researched about their current competitors in the targeted marketplace and then came up with a few design directions for the logo, then the color palettes and then the label designs that reflected their unique vibe. Sketches based on the primary ingredients were created to complement the packaging. They loved the first design presentation and took sometime to gather feedback. Later, I came up with a final version that was in alignment with their vision and my expertise. The logo is minimal and bold, color palette is quite refreshing and the overall label looks minimal and modern!

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