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Sounds of Inner Golden Opera- Book Design



This book is a special print edition wherein the author has compiled the spiritual messages of the teacher and artist E.J. Gold and presented it in the form of a book. It contains quotes and live experiences of how one can learn and experience the words of wisdom in the form of quotes when put into practice. Since this book is an effort to bring higher consciousness to the planet, one eternal moment at a time, it had to be made interesting and experience-oriented. People not only will read but enter a world different than they are in. And that could be only bought through visual art. 




It's been a great ride. I've enjoyed almost every minute of this book. This well organised quote book breaks down very complex terms and words with admirable clarity. The powerful visuals complimenting the quotes makes the reader travel to a beautiful world where there is knowledge and wisdom about what needs to be done in order to live this life in the right way. The unique numbering system, typography, layout and illustrations make every page a little unusual but yet cohesive with the full version.









Project Type

Self-directed & Executed

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