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Client:Seek With Ser
Media: Digital   Industry: Education and Social Services  Year: 2023


This client, who is a social scientist and digital creator had an existing logo and a brand guide which they were outgrown with. Since the logo they had was their identity for years, they wanted
to retain it but revamp the logo unit by creating an icon that symbolizes community love, education, and growth and goes well with the existing word mark. And also update the brand guide as per the new identity.



I created a few design choices of icons that would work individually as well as in combination

with the existing type-based identity. Next, I worked on updating the brand guide by adding a fresh and upbeat color palette, modern style typography, and elements that appeal to millennial audiences. They were so impressed with the work that they asked me to revamp all their major touch points- FB & and LinkedIn cover and profile picture, Podcast Cover and
Newsletter template and also create a ad digital campaign.

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