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Client: Gateway Books and Tapes
Media: Print   Industry: Publication   Year: 2019


This book is a special edition wherein the author has compiled the messages of the teacher and artist E.J. Gold and presented them in the form of a 360-page full-color book. It contains quotes and live experiences of how one can learn and experience the words of wisdom in the form of quotes when put into practice. Since this book was an effort to make the reader experience a few moments of higher consciousness, it was to be made interesting and experience-oriented.



It was a joy ride working on this book as I love visual communications wherein each visual graphic or text speaks for itself. This organized quote book breaks down very complex terms and words with admirable clarity. The powerful visuals complimenting the quotes make the reader travel to a beautiful world where there is knowledge and wisdom about what needs to be done to live this life in the right way. The unique numbering system, typography, layout, and illustrations make every page a little unusual yet cohesive with the full version.

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