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Tbot- Logo and Brand Guide

Challenge: A start-up company came to me with the brief of creating a brand identity

for their company that were into the business of all products and services related to information technology. Brand accountability, leadership and integrity were the main  queue words for me.

Solution: I researched about their competitors and then came up with a few logo choices reflecting the company's vision and brand voice. The finalised choice was the one that was thoughtfully crafted using the letters 'i', 't' for Information Technology and 'tbot', the company name. It also had a circle that represents 'all things related to IT'. And for giving the human touch since it is all IT but operated by humans, I used the dot on letter 'i' that symbolised a human head. An extensive brand guide was developed with various examples of how the new brand identity will be used.








IT Services

Project Type

Self-directed & Executed

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