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"Niralee has a bright upbeat personality coupled with excellent team skills. She has an excellent work ethic and fine communication skills that facilitate her work with the team
and on occasion helps bridge gaps between other members in the team.


I have experience of Niralee's work in three separate projects --1) Design of brand identity for the 'Labyrinth Readers Society'. 2) A design project for a 300+ page full color book involving the coupling of innovative font design and graphics. 3) Creation of a fresh (current) design
for reprint of one of our books in print.


The quality of her design work is excellent. We found she was quick to understand what we were looking for. And, when we found the need to change our direction she was ultra fast
in switching gears with us with zero push back. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the work
is superb. Working with Niralee is like working with another team member rather than
an outside contractor.


I would recommend her services without reservation and look forward to working
with her in future projects."

Claude Needham

Owner, Imag3

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