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Walkathon 2020- Event Marketing Collaterals


Fundraising for a non-profit can be challenging in many ways for humans as well as animals. As much as people find them cute, they don’t see many reasons to donate to humans to take care of these adorable beings. Well, since we can’t run with our dogs as fast, I called it a Walkathon. The icon was to be kept obvious so to give a clear message of what this event was about.



Icons and Patterns were developed that could be used as part of the overall branding and the tag-lines were kept small and catchy. No, animals don’t speak a lot, but they express much more! And that was kept as a central theme of the outdoor campaign by showing portraits of animals and giving some important information about the event. Walking with their pets for other animals and treats for all the attendees was part of the marketing strategy to gain their interest in the event.


Print and Digital


International Animal Rescue



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