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Mushrooms and Shapes

Client: Fun Earth Co.
Media: Print & Digital   Industry: Food & Beverage   Year: 2020-2023


A hospitality client was coming up with a new line of products for Mushroom Supplements and wanted me to work on the brand identity and packaging designs. 'Wordly, Apothecary, Earthy. Grounded. Homegrown. Holistic. Organic. Nature. Earth tones were some of the queue words.'



I researched the existing brands in the industry and competitors and worked on a few design directions of eye-catching labels with sketches. I tried integrating different textures, geometry, and abstract shapes related to scientific mushrooms and their history. They were astounded to see the first concept presentation and loved everything they saw. However, later they choose the option with the actual mushroom sketches. Currently, I am working on other blends as the brand is growing. Many other marketing collaterals have been designed along the way.

Label Design Concept Presentation

Label Design Concept Presentation

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*All actual product photo rights are reserved with Fun Earth Co.
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